Please, Fade Away


There must be something in the DNA of Texas Republicans that just makes it impossible for them to control stupid things from coming out of their mouth! OK, that wasn’t a big secret but you’d think that they might have some self control in an election year.

The latest gaff is from a judge in Lubbock, TX who says that an Obama win may well cause a civil war to break out. Now, I’ve read the secession talk from them before and frankly, since we’ve squeezed most of the oil out of the state, maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad thing. At least we could cut off diplomatic ties and make them the problem of Mexico.

Still, this blather is getting old. Not only is this moron claiming that Obama policies will cause a civil war, but he also claims that the President will send in U.N. troops to quell civil unrest. He tries to mediate his statement by saying that he was using a worst-case scenario to make a point, but come on! What makes these bozos think this is acceptable?

I used to have pleasant memories of Lubbock as the home of Buddy Holly. Times, they sure have ‘a changed.

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